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Series 4 Day 1

Series 6 Day 1 - 13 September, 2015


Light winds with a lot of of North.  RO Hamilton set a short and challenging course to the first red as windward and the bouy as leward.  The first race had 4 lead changes with all the boats withing spitting distance.   The second race Zipper had major jib issues after the start and allowed Renegade and Defender to disappear being far enough behind that Defender was able to douse the chute and go back for a floating winch handle.  The third race Renegade lost her forestay (just the pin) and was fortunate not to damage the jib.


Skippers & Results

Renegade - Hamilton (1st)

Defender - Morse (2nd)

Zipper - Harper (3rd)


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Series 4 Day 1 - 12 July, 2015


A near cancellation at one stage for lack of boats saw a last minute flurry by the yutes on borrowed Zipper and Renegade to get a 4 boat day together.  And they seem to have shown the adults how to do it....


Skippers & Results

Zipper - Evan (1st)

Renegade - Zoe (2nd)

Ayahso - Mike (3rd)

Defender - Nigel (4th)


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Youth Skippers - 28 June, 2015


With the only requirement being a youth sailor on the helm, it was out with the fuddies and in with the duddies



Zipper (1st)

Nina (2nd)

Defender (3rd)

Ayasho (4th)


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Youth Skippers

Series 3 Day 2 - 14 June, 2015


No sign of Winston, Stephen at the Helm on the RC!


Light wind day with 1 to 8 knots, all inside the bay.  Lyn played the flags (what a star!) and this time the RC allowed them the shade of the gazebo.  Wind from the SW to N and everywhere in between.  Peter turned up to play but realised that he needs crew to do so, so ended up helping Lyn instead of Sailing Zipper!


Skippers & Series Results

Ayahso - Mike Morse (1st)

Nina - Stephen Dear (2nd)

Zipper - Peter Harper (3rd)

Renegade - Zoe Knowles (4th)

Defender - The Commodore Himself, Mr Nigel                           Knowles Esq (5th)


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Series 3 Day 2
Series 3 Day 1

Series 3, Day 1 - 31 May, 2015


Winston on the flags.  Only three boats participating and this signal from the race committee:


Skippers & Results

Zipper - Peter Harper (1st)

Nina - Stephen Dear (2nd)

Ayasho - Mike Morse (3th)


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Mallash Series Day 2

Mallash Memorial Series Day 2 - 17 May, 2015











Mike Morse and his merry team of professional cyclists and instructors managed to pip the rest of the fleet to be the Champion boat in the first Robert Mallasch memorial J22 series.  His widow, Norma, not one for sailing, graced us with her presence for the prize giving, it was great to see her.


 It was a very fitting win for Ayahso as not only had Mike organized the race, the prizes (donated by John McConnell before his recent passing, rest his soul), but he did it on Bob Mallasch’s old boat that he had steadfastly crewed on up until Bob’s death this time last year.A fitting tribute Mike, well done from all of us!


The racing was held over two weekends with three races per day (because Bob didn’t like to have more than that!).  The series was well supported with two teams from Kingston driving the 120 miles each way to make the fleet up to a respectful 7 boats.  The racing was just how Bob would have liked, quiet on the first weekend and blowing dogs off chains on the second.  In fact the winds were powerful enough on the second day to allow moments of upwind brilliance to be outstripped by shimping, diving and anchoring and throwing the race all in one move.  Well done J22 Tsunami, the only instance this writer is aware of when having put the mast in the water and lost some crew overboard, one of the said crew was then run over by the sideways moving hull and popped up between the keel and the rudder with a vaguely anxious look.


Bob is missed for his enthusiasm and for creating the glue that FORCED all of the skippers to come and sail an event, even if they thought they might have an excuse.  He would always call every Thursday before a weekend and remind everyone of a pending event and have a quick chat about any hilarious exploit that came to mind.  He was a true sportsman, always loving, generous and rule abiding.  If only there were more like him.


Thank you to the Race Committee Bryan and Lyn for their rules, their interpretation of the rules and most importantly for Bob's Beer and the memories.


Race Fleet & Skippers

Ayasoh - Michael Morse (1st)

Awesome (Geronimo) - Steven Cooke (2nd)

Tsunami - Scott Clarke (3nd)

Zipper - Peter Harper

Nina - Stephen Dear

Defender - Nigel Knows (Commodore)

Renegade - Richard Hamilton


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Mallash Series Day 1

Mallash Memorial Series Day 1 - 3 May, 2015


For the first day in a week the strange haze

lifted and a moderate wind blew - it had been

an oppressively hot and peculiar weather week

up until Sunday.


With Peter having his eyes done and Richard

getting old, the fleet was looking thin until two

keen teams of sailors drove from Kingston for

the day - thank you to Geronimo who came and

sailed Awesome and Tsunami who came and

sailed ...... Tsumami!


Looks like it is turning into a Kingston versus MoBay competition, Bob would be have been chuffed!  Lots of yellow shirts on the water as a mark of respect!


Skippers & Day 1 Standing

Awesome (Geronimo) - Steven Cooke (1st)

Tsunami - Scott Clarke (2nd)

Ayahso - Mike Morse (3rd - tied)

Defender - Nigel Knows (Commodore) (3rd - tied)


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Easter Regatta 2015


What a weekend!  With the anticipated low

turnout the format of the weekend was limited

to two days racing Saturday / Sunday with a

twist - the All Comers race and newly renamed

Great Yarcht Race would be run on Sunday

afternoon.  No foolish regatta and no organised

socials didn't stop Pico action early on Saturday

morning before the J's and everyone having

great fun on the water.  Even the Indian's turned

up for the 20 knot beating around the harbour.

Thanks to Ian Johnson for some great pictures

on the water - available to view here.



Results in summary

It was a good weekend for Renegade, who took

every single piece of silverware**.  The Paul

Eldemire Trophy, awarded to the lowest

aggregate score of two races on Sunday morning

to allow any visiting Kingston boats to be eligible

for something, was given to Zipper.  Anyone who

can read and understand the rules, particularly

on how to break a tie, would know that this is not

quite right - refer below!




Results in detail

Unfortunately detailed results were never captured on the day so here are some made up ones.
















The all comers was the closest that Renegade came to be beaten all weekend after losing her chute on the Airport to Seawind mark.  She clawed back a good lead up to Doctors Cave but the last leg back to the line she was mawled by the visiting Geronimo determined for blood.  It came down to inches on the line, with Renegade getting a luck last second shift and gust to get across the line first.


Total Eclipse.


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Easter Regatta
Lady Skippers

Lady Skippers - April 19th, 2015


A small fleet of three J22's partipated in the

annual Lady Skippers Racing on a very hot

Sunday, April 19th.  Mercifully (for the lady

skippers and everyone onboard) the winds

were light.  Our intrepid ladies were Regina

Fitch (10 years old!) on Ayahso, with Mike

Morse and Nigel Hendricks crewing, Carole

Smalls on Degender with Jim Wilson

crewing (just a bit of squealing and yelling

on that boat!), and Stephanie Black on

Zipper, with Peter Harper, Gavin Harper

and Bruce Black crewing.  It was an exciting

day that was very much enjoyed by all. And,

happily, Jim and Carole were still speaking

to one another after the racing.  Ah, the joys

of sailing!


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SFL Kingston day 2

SFL Kingston Series, Day 2 - March 22, 2015

(oh, no, they didn't come, so let's call it 'NO SFL 1



Kudos to Rugie for coming with family specially

for the day, he called some interesting tactics on

Ayasoh with Mike at the helm.  Didn't seem to

help though...After the success of the course a

week before, RO Amblington set a very similar

challenge with the start from the end of the T

and a mark on the right side of the channel.  It

wasn't as dead upwind as last week and some of

the overtaking options were limited so it was all

about the starts.  Accusation from Defender of

Renegade team racing with Zipper didn't stop Jim

from cleaning up on the day - well done Jim!

Great to see Awesome on the water for the second

week running and sad to see Evan disappear

again to colder climates.


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SFL Kingston Series, Day 1 (and only)

March 14, 2015


8 boats, in channel racing, What started as the

first of a two day series seems to have morphed

back to a one day as the next opportunity for

RJYC competitors is too close before Easter.  So

congrats Renegade who managed to keep the

scourge of Kingston at bay with 4 bullets in some

great sailing conditions.


It was a Zippery day again when, despite clear

racing instructions (nothing confusing about this

is there?), it took a couple of races for some to figure

out the start / finish lines.  The joy of fixed marks!


The SFL format worked really well (Stop For Lunch)

with Lyn and Jacqueline sorting the logistics and the

crews were fed and watered in under an hour.  2

races in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.


Well done RJYC glad to see you back and having fun,

even importing experts from Saudi to help improve

conditions on the water were 'perfectly challenging'.

Perfect with the racing all within sight of the club

and started from the dock with a suberbly square

start line and windward course an 12 to 18 knots of

wind.  Challenging given the plethora of visiting

boats littering the water making the start line and

surrounds needing great awareness!


Final Scores

Renegade     4

Geronimo    12

Tsunami     12


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SFL Kingston Day 1

March 2, 2015


Somewhat delinquent due to a small race from Ft Lauderdale to Montego Bay which involved:

A.  Getting beaten up;

B.  getting sick; and

C.  getting beaten up.

Anyway we had fun, and I will add something here when time allows.  If.  In the meantime, this from MBYC J22 president Mike Morse 


Hello all,


Congratulations to Geronimo for winning the first series of the year with the Kingston boats.  They have definitely upped the competition with their presence!  Final results of the series attached.


Next race day will be Saturday, March 14th, 11:00am start.  Trial format for racing that day will be 2 races, lunch break at the club, then 2 more races.  Updated calendar is attached.


Easter Regatta – we are planning on bringing back Mosquito Cove on Thursday, April 2, and an All Comers race out to half moon on April 6th.  Regatta class racing will be on Saturday the 4th, and Sunday the 5th.  We are glad to hear that Kingston will be represented at our Easter Regatta this year!




































Did I tell you what a privilege it is to have the Kingston Lads sailing with us?  No?  It rocks and I only wish that it had happened years ago.  Here is a shot of our playground with some of the participants (including the Indians!)


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March 2, 2015
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